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Frequently Asked Questions About Minimally Invasive Procedures

Which are the most common non-surgical cosmetic treatments?

Botox for removal of frown lines, dermal fillers for wrinkle reduction, dermabrasion for scar removal, and chemical peels for improving the skin texture and tone are some of the most common and popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures today.

What are the benefits of non-surgical cosmetic options versus plastic surgery in San Antonio?

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are less complicated and avoid all the potentials risks that are typically associated with a surgery. Treatment time is usually ranging between 30 minutes to an hour, downtime is minimal or non-existent, and results can be visible almost immediately after the procedure. These treatments are significantly more affordable compared to a typical cosmetic surgery.

What are the disadvantages compared to a cosmetic surgery?

The improvement with non-surgical treatments may not be as dramatic as in the case of a cosmetic surgery. Secondly, the results with non-surgical treatments are temporary, and the treatment may have to be renewed every year for prolonged benefits.

Who is an ideal candidate for a non-surgical cosmetic procedure?

People who are either unwilling or unfit to undergo a surgical procedure for cosmetic purposes, and yet wish to improve their physical appearance, are the best candidates for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

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