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Gynecomastia is enlargement of male breast tissue, which feels rubbery under the male nipple areola complex. Like women, men are born with breast tissue. However women produce enough estrogen that stimulates breast tissue to enlarge over time. Throughout various times in a male’s life, he may be exposed to higher levels of estrogen. These increased levels of estrogen may lead to gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia may enlarge one breast but the usual presentation involves both. There are various reasons why gynecomastia ocurrs, the most common is from an imbalance of hormones seen during puberty. As the hormone levels return to normal, gynecomastia may correct itself. Pseudogynecomastia is a condition that appears similar to gynecomastia, but it is due to excess fat tissue in the male chest region; pseudogynecomastia will not resolve as the hormone levels correct. It is not unusual for patients to have both excess breast and fat tissue.

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Enlarged male breast can be a source of concern and embarrassment for some boys and men. Affected males may even be teased by others. It is not unusual for affected individuals to wear multiple layers of clothing or keep their shirts on during social situations where men would normally remove their tops.

What are the causes of enlarged male breast?

  • Hormone imbalances secondary to puberty
  • Hypersensitivity of the male breast tissue to certain hormones
  • Hormone imbalances due to tumors of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland or testicles
  • Hormone imbalances due to use of anabolic steroids
  • Certain medications
  • Use of marijuana
  • Liver or kidney failure

Are there treatments available for gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia?

Fortunately there are treatments available. Treatment will depend on the length of time that the condition has been present and what the cause is. If the condition has been present for short a period of time, it is not unreasonable to observe the patient. Any potential medications or drugs that area associated with these conditions should be discontinued if possible.

If the condition has been present for a long time or once the breast tissue has grown beyond a certain size, it rarely goes away. The only real cure for gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia is surgical excision with liposuction or male reduction surgery that may require slightly longer scars. It is not unusual that a combination of both procedures may be required.

During your clinical evaluation at Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Chattar-Cora or Dr. Dee as some of his patients call him, will listen to your concerns and expectations. He will then get a history and perform a physical examination on the relevant areas. Depending on your clinical situation, he may order some blood tests or special x-rays. Since Dr. Dee’s primary goal is to give you a harmonious cosmetic outcome that meets your stated goals, he may bring to your attention areas that you may have not been aware of.

Dr. Chattar-Cora believes the purpose of your consultation is for you to become educated and informed about your unique condition so that you can make an educated decision about whether male breast surgery is the correct procedure for you. Dr. Dee believes that a patient should not be pressured into making an important and personal decision such as the need for surgery.

What is the recovery?

Gynecomastia surgery is usually an outpatient procedure. Immediately after your procedure you will spend time in the recovery room and will be discharged home after you meet all health and safety criteria. If your surgery is an outpatient procedure, you should arrange to have someone drive you home afterwards and stay with you at least the first night following surgery.

After surgery your chest area may be bruised, swollen and sore for one to two weeks. You’ll need to wear a compression shirt after your operation. You will be allowed to shower the day after your surgery. With time the swelling will improve, the incisions will fade and become less noticeable, and your chest appearance will continue to improve. After Gynecomastia in San Antonio you may experience some change in chest and nipple sensation, however sensation gradually returns.

The results of your surgery will be long lasting. You will be able to maintain the results of your procedure by following a healthy lifestyle and watching your weight.

Male Breast Reduction in San Antonio

Are there risks with male reduction or liposuction breast surgery?

Some risks that may be associated with gynecomastia surgery include:

  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Asymmetry
  • Changes in the sensation of the chest wall or nipples
  • Recurrence
  • Problems with wound healing

However, these risks are unusual and Dr. Dee takes extreme care to minimize the chance that they happen to you

What is the cost of male breast reduction surgery?

The cost of male breast surgery varies based on which procedure is chosen. We offer patient financing plans, so be sure to ask. The cost will include the following:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital or surgical facility fees
  • Anesthesia fees

The details of these fees and financing plans will be explained during your consultation with Dr. Dee. Call 210-265-1924 for your appointment, or contact us by email.

Your satisfaction involves more than a fee. When choosing a plastic surgeon for your area of concern, remember that your comfort with the surgeon and his or her willingness to be honest is as important as the final cost of the surgery. At Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Dee takes his time to understand your goals and desire for the best long term outcome.


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