Patient Testimonials

Below are actual testimonials featuring Dr. Chattar-Cora’s patients. Click on the testimonial cards to view an enlarged version. Please note that patient results may vary.

My experience with Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery was that they were very professional with a sincere personal approach. The doctor listens to the patient and really tries to understand what the patient’s goals are. He really helps the patient understand realistic expectations from overall healing time to final result.

The most valuable aspects of my experience were the great surgical results, the fact that the doctor really tried to understand what my goals were, and the doctor was always available if something were to happen and you needed immediate attention.

I would certainly recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to a friend or relative, since I know they would be in great hands. The office staff was very professional and accommodating. There was never any pressure to do any procedures; the patient leaves the office knowing the choice to do a procedure is his/hers.

Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery was the most professional medical office and Dr. that I have had the opportunity to be cared for. Every aspect of my treatment has been positive. The medical result in improvement of the plastic surgery has been well worth my financial investment. The Dr. has been very accommodating and listened carefully to my concerns pre-surgery, and all have been very satisfying. Dr. Chattar-Cora helped me with my needs, I do recommend anyone who would like to improve their personal appearance (male or female) be confident that he has the expertise to make improvements through his surgical practice. Thank you Dr. Dee!

My overall experience with the Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery has been positive and I have no complaints. Job well done!!!! The most valuable aspect my experience has been that my hand has been repaired and is fully functional. I would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to a friend or relative … I think the doctor and his staff are were well-qualified and knowledgeable.

I love Dr. Chattar-Cora Cora and his staff! The staff is very professional and caring. The most valuable aspect of my experience has been how curing the doctor was and how it was treated with some with respect. There is not anything that I would change with my experience…. I have recommended him to a lot of friends. My experience here was awesome! And I am definitely coming back to have my tummy tuck!!!

My experience with Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery was amazing… The doctor took his time to get everything right… even when I was rushing. The most valuable aspect of my experience was being able to call and talk to the Dr. at any time. I would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to friends and family, because it feels like family.

Estoy muy satisfecha con mi experiencia con Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery-Co y con el trabajo del Dr. Chattar-Cora, el es un profesional con su trabajo y es muy atento con los detalles.

Lo mas valioso ha sido los resultados de mi cirugia… no hay nada que puedan mejorar… Por supesto ha mis amistades y familiares yo recomendaria ha Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, el personal y el doctor son muy Buenos. Gracias Dr. Chattar-Cora en verda yo apprecio mucho el trabajo que hizo en mi.

My experience with the Elite plastic and reconstructive surgery: I came in very nervous, and the staff instantly made me feel very comfortable and excited about my upcoming procedure. Dr. Deowall Chattar-Cora is a very hands-on and carrying doctor. He definitely may be feel very safe. The most valuable aspect of my experience with Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery was that Dr. Chattar-Cora got my implant size just perfect. It was everything I wanted… no bruising…. very little downtime, and he was always only either an email, text or phone call way to assist with any questions or concerns I had. Definitely best Dr. around!

I definitely would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to a friend or relative. All the office staff members were very friendly, very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Chattar-Cora was the most amazing doctor I have ever had. I will most definitely choose Dr. Dee and Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery again for any other surgical procedures that I may want.

My experience with Elite Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was that it was excellent! Perfect breast implant size! Dr. Dee made a sound suggestion based on my body shape and answered all my questions thoroughly; in person or via email. Thanks Dr. Dee! I would recommend Elite Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to a friend or relative.

I am satisfied with the results of my surgery. The most valuable aspect my experience was knowing that my accident was able to be fixed. I would definitely recommend Dr. Chattar-Cora. He is very upfront and honest and that is what I like about him the most.

My experience with the Elite Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was that everything was great. Dr. Dee took his time to answer all my questions and made me feel comfortable. The most valuable aspect of my experience was that I spoke directly with Dr. Chattar-Cora to ask questions versus a staff member. I definitely would recommend Elite Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to a friend or relative since they are very personable and caring.

My experience with Elite Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was great. They are a really professional team. And the Dr. is awesome! The communication with the doctor himself is the best and he is very personable. I would recommend Elite Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to a friend or family. Dr. Chattar-Cora is the best and he is truly a gift to this patients. His bedside manner is especially amazing.

I had a wonderful experience with Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Chattar-Cora and his staff were all informative, friendly and professional. I could not ask for a better experience. The most valuable aspect was that Dr. Chattar-Cora made it a point to find out the look I wanted as well as helping me understand the different outcomes when it came to different implants sizes. The office is doing a great job… there isn’t anything that can be improved right now. I would most definitely recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to a friend.

My experience with Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery… First, I was unsure of myself. But when the opportunity was available to meet w/doctor Chattar-Cora, it was his compassion, expertise and knowledge that redirected my fear and overcame my fear into confidence and excitement to move forward. I appreciated the straight forward prep talk he had with me!

The most valuable aspect of my experience was the end results! The knowledge of Dr. Chattar-Cora and confidence he gives and his integrity to resolve any issues and commitment to improve a patient’s needs. He helped me through my fear of surgery and sense of confidence.

I would easily recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery… because of the professionalism and the compassion and especially the knowledge that Dr. Chattar-Cora has to offer… his integrity and determination to find solutions to problems and his care.

Myra has done a superb join at the front desk with a warm and welcoming personality.

I was very pleased with the entire process. The doctor was very professional and honest and I really felt the he cared about making sure I was going to be happy with my results. I never once felt that he was trying to sell services. He was more concerned about my expectations, even if that meant not having surgery at all.

The most valuable aspect of my experience… I was very impressed that the surgeon, Dr. DCC, called me himself to schedule a consultation. I felt important and relieved to know that I was communicating directly with the surgeon and that he was going to be involved in every aspect of the process.

I would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to a friend. I was very happy with the overall experience. They definitely care about you as a person and strive to make you as comfortable. Dr. DCC is a great surgeon! I am so pleased with my results and I don’t think I would have felt as confident and satisfied anywhere else. The staff is great. They are very kind, friendly and caring. Dr. DCC is excellent! He is hones, professional and a great surgeon!

My experience with Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery was great… I was made to feel very comfortable… the atmosphere is great.. the procedure was quick, easy and as painless as possible. The most valuable aspect of my experience was the quality of work Dr. D did with my procedure… I couldn’t be happier with the results… Great Doctor!!! I certainly would highly recommend to all friends and family.

I had an amazing experience. Dr. D did a fantastic job. The most important aspect is how personable Dr. D made every visit. I would not change anything about this office. I certainly would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery…

My experience was amazing… they were very thorough and informative. The most valuable aspect of my experience is that Dr. Dee is truly looking out for the patient’s best interest and to ensure they get the results they are wanting. I would certainly recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to a friend or a relative; they are professional, Dr. Dee takes his time to discuss your options and help you reach the best decision all around.

Mi experiencia con Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: Estava muy nerviosa al principio pero despues de mi primera visita con Dr. Dee supe que estava en buenas manos. Me dio la confianza y seguridad para tomar una buena decision. El aspecto mas valioso de mi experiencia fue el respeto de mi opinion… y nunca me senti obligada tomar una decision precipitada.Mi experiencia fue perfecto… no cambiaría nada. Yo recomendaria Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery por que su privacidad y comodidad es una calidad que no se encuentra a menudo.

This was the best experience… I had been wanting to get my breast fixed for years and Dr. Chattar-Cora was honest with what size was possible and what was realistic. The most valuable aspect of my experience was that Dr. Chattar-Cora was open and honest … he only wants what is best for his patients.. The staff and the Dr. are beyond nice, they went above and beyond what are expected for the patients.

My experience at first… I was very nervous, but after meeting Dr. Dee I knew I was in good hands. He gave me the confidence and security that I was making a good decision. The most valuable aspect of my experience was that my opinion mattered and I was never pushed to do something that I did not want to do. I would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery because privacy and comfort are not qualities to be found in every place.

My experience with the staff was that they were very personable. The Dr. was professional, attentive and always available. The procedure was not as bad as I thought. I did not have any complications. The most valuable aspect of my experience was that everything was done as previously discussed. I would certainly recommend elite plastic and reconstructive surgery to friends and relatives. They are attentive… professional. Patient are not treated like they are on an assembly line. The cost reasonable.

From the moment you are greeted you are made to feel comfortable and special. The staff and doctor Dee make your experience first class. The most valuable aspect was know I was being cared for by someone who truly cared. My entire experience was satisfactory. I would highly recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to my family and friends. Thank you for your kind and sensitive care.

I I have never met a more helpful staff. Everyone made you feel like you are family. Dr. Chattar-Cora is so hands-on and he answers all your questions either in person or via e-mail. I couldn’t ask for better. The most valuable aspect of this experience has been Dr. Chattar-Cora was always completely honest and never ignored any questions no matter how small or big they are. I would definitely recommend elite plastic and reconstructive surgery to a friend or relative…. From the front desk staff to the Dr. it was amazing….

I had a great experience, everyone from the staff and of course Dr. Chattar-Cora were very helpful. I feel very comfortable explaining what I wanted to accomplish with the procedure. I felt that Dr. Chattar-Cora was very thorough addressing my questions and concerns. The most valuable aspect of my experience was that Dr. Chattar-Cora’s honesty about what to expect with my procedure as far as the outcome. I would absolutely recommend elite plastic and reconstructive surgery to a friend or relative. I was very happy with the service and the outcome of my procedure.

My experience with Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery… they were very thorough and planned out my care very well. The staff was very courteous and had everything planned. The most valuable aspect of my experience were the results…they made me feel like money isn’t everything for them. I have recommended Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery because of the extraordinary planning, and execution of the procedures.

Dr. Chattar-Cora and the staff were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Chattar-Cora was very detailed about explaining everything. He answered all the questions that I had. They made my experience great. The most valuable aspect was that they made me feel comfortable. Because of the amazing job that Dr. Chattar-Cora did, I have referred coworkers to the office.

My experience with Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery was excellent. The staff was very professional an understanding. They answer all your questions. The most valuable aspect of my experience was being able to call Dr. Dee directly with any questions or concerns. I would absolutely recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Chattar-Cora is very pleasant. The staff is very pleasant. I would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery because everything went well and I am very pleased with my new body.

My experience with Elite Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was very good. The most valuable aspect of this experience was making me feel safe and comfortable. There wasn’t anything that needed to be changed. I would easily recommend Elite Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery because they make you feel very comfortable.

My experience was beyond great. The staff is always courteous and helpful. All of my questions were answered, even when it was not what I wanted to hear. So I was prepared for realistic results….My results were amazing.

The most valuable aspect of my experience has been… these operations have changed my outlook of myself. I love looking in the mirror now, and the feeling that I get is priceless.

I would absolutely recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to anyone; it is an amazing team that is straight forward, provides a realistic expectation of possible results and then delivers on those expectations.

I went in for a consultation and Dr. Dee was very thorough and explained all the options for my breast augmentation. He made me feel like there was no wrong questions. He also gave me realistic expectations that fulfilled what I wanted to accomplish. The most important aspect of my experience was Dr. Dee’s bedside manner: he spoke to me like a real person, answered all my questions, was available any time, day or night, to answer any questions or address any concerns before and after the surgery.

I would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to a friend or relative because of the great results and the professionalism and attentiveness that is provided from Dr. Dee and his awesome office staff.

Thanks Dr. Dee for making this surgery as easy as possible for me and doing a great job. Also hanks to Raquel for answering questions and helping me feel at ease.

Dr. Dee exceeded my expectations. He listened to my wants and made sure we were on the same page before going forth with my breast augmentation. I couldn’t be any happier with my results. The most valuable aspect of my experience was Dr. Dee being available 24/7 for any questions or concerns. I am highly satisfied with my experience and results and would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to any family or friends.

My overall experience was amazing. I came in with a lot of concerns and questions and Dr. D handled and took care of everything. My results: all my life I never could feel my abs… it’s crazy that I can now. I would definitely recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery because everyone compliments me everywhere I go, I’ the walking result of incredible work!

I had breast enhancement surgery with Dr. Dee. After the surgery began to feel more confident in myself… I had a great experience. I would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery; Dr. D was very kind and made me feel comfortable in my own skin… Dr. D did not hesitate to tell me what he thought was right or wrong for me. In the end, what he suggested was the right choice. Thanks

My experience was amazing! Fast and awesome. The most valuable experience was the result… Everything has been awesome! I would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Chattar-Cora did a phenomenal jo on reducing and lifting my breast. the first time I met him he made me feel comfortable. He was very personable…I would recommend this practice to a friend or relative… Overall, my experience with this surgery was everything I had hoped for. I am happy with my breast size.

My experience was awesome. I had needed the surgery for years and the fact that we were able to get it done was amazing. I was well taken care of and I am very appreciative. The most valuable aspect was that I was well taken care of before and after the procedure. I would recommend Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to anyone; they did a great job every step of the way.

Overall my entire experience was great. From my first call to inquire about the procedure to my last follow up appointment the office staff and Dr. Chattar-Cora provided an invaluable experience. The most impressive aspect of my experience was Dr. Chattar-Cora’s bedside manner; his approach to my care really alleviated several of my fears going into the procedure. He didn’t rush and took a great deal of time to ensure all of my questions and concerns were appropriately addressed by him personally. I would not change anything about my experience. Dr. Chattar-Cora provided a sense of transparency that provided me an overall sense of comfort in knowing the job would get done. Dr. Chattar-Cora professionalism and patient care ultimately won me over and I have yet to stop telling friends and family of his work. I would recommend him and his team over anyone.

I had a breast augmentation after weight loss and child birth/breast feeding my children. The most valuable aspect of my experience was Professionalism and most of all care and compassion in a non-judgemental way by Dr. C and the staff. I would recommend/excellent service. There is nothing that I would change about the care and experience.

I have had two surgeries with Dr. Chattar-Cora and I am very happy with the staff and Dr. and of course the results. Have already referred people to this office. Thank you for all your hard work. I will come back if I want/need anything else done.


June 16, 2016

Dr. Deowall is the Best. Would recommend him to friends. Staff is very friendly

I was treated very well. My expectations were all satisfied. I would recommend Dr. Chattar-Cora to anyone.

Excelente, siempre un trato muy amable!!! Muy profeseional.

The service received were delightful! I enjoyed interacting with the staff… whenever I visited the office the customer service they had excellent customer service. Overall the service and care are EXCELLENT. Thank you for the care.

The staff answers the phone with a positive and polite tone. They took the time to answer all my questions and are very accommodating with my schedule. When you walk into the office they are welcoming. Dr. Chattar-Cora is an amazing physician. He answered all my questions and concerns thoroughly and is straight forward. I had a good experience; I felt safe and well taken care of. I did not feel rushed. I would definitely recommend my family and friends to him.

I first met Dr. Deowall Chattar-Cora on the worst day of my life. Not knowing if I would lose the ability to use my hand or if I would lose my hand completely. Dr. Dee repeatedly assured me he was going to do everything in his power to help me in one way or another. Even when I wanted to give up on myself, he always made me feel and proved that he wouldn’t give up on me. With every surgery and every procedure Dr. Dee made me and my family feel that whatever course of action he was taking was the best. No matter if he had finished a two-hour surgical procedure or a 12 hour surgical procedure he took the time to explain everything, answer questions and made them feel he cared about their fears and concerns. He never left them feeling like they weren’t important or that they didn’t matter. He always made sure that he informed my family with updates before, during and after every surgery. We felt comfortable, confident and safe with him at every turn. He made me feel that I was being treated with care, concern and a priority. No problem, fear or concern I had was ever ignored, dismissed or forgotten. Every time I see him he asks of my family and my well-being. He always makes me feel like I’m talking with a friend or family member who truly cares about me and my well-being. His staff has always been kind, helpful and professional. They take great care of answering any questions or concerns you have and you are always greeted with a smile. Dr. D has done an amazing job restoring the function to my hand as was reconstructing my hand cosmetically. I am forever grateful to him. Thank you Dr. Dee!
Great staff and Dr. I’ve been here four times and never disappointed. Perfection at its best.

Dr. Chattar-Cora gave me my life back. I almost lost my arm in a motor vehicle accident, and he went above and beyond to fix it. You can’t even tell I ever had such a bad injury to my hand. He loves what he does and his patients. He is passionate about what he does and explains things well. He will always be a hero in my eyes. I was devastated when I was told I might lose my arm, but Dr. Chattar-Cora didn’t let that happen. He did everything he could and my hand and arm look amazing! My life is forever changed thanks to him. Recently he performed surgery on my face; he did an amazing job… my face looks great!

The staff was warm and welcoming and they always answered the phone. Even Dr. Chattar-Cora was available if I had a question. Dr. C was direct and honest about concerns and outcomes of surgery. Expectations were unknown but I am very happy to have kept my leg and feel very fortunate to have Dr. Chattar-Cora as my Dr.

Dr. Chattar-Cora makes me confident in his approach and communication style. Dr. Chattar-Cora is able to break down very complex issues into a more coherent understanding of what needs to occur. Dr. Chattar-Cora cares and makes every effort to keep difficult situations up beat. Dr. Chattar-Cora’s staff is very courteous and pleasant, creating a warm atmosphere. Thank God for Dr. Chattar-Cora!

Doctor Chattar-Cora,

Today I brought in Mr. JR. His left middle finger had been partially amputated. We did not know how serious his injury was. I was very happy that emergency staff treated him promptly and expressed their concern is a very professional medical manner. I just know that I prayed with all my heart and I surrendered Mr. J to God. I asked God to send Mr. J the best Dr., nurse and anyone else that God would touch and work through so they could save the rest of his finger. When I was told that you were the Dr. that was going to see Mr. J this time I knew God answered my prayer… Because of her your reputation of being one of San Antonio’s few hand specialist, and in my opinion the best hand specialist I just want to thank God, and you second. You are a blessing. Thank you and may God continue to touch you and the dedicated work that you do.

PS from our humorous side; What? A Yankees fan from New York City, Awesome!!!

Respectfully; Con Amor y Gracias

My overall experience was AWSEOME! The doctor, his staff and entire experience for exceeded my expectations. The doctor’s bedside manner throughout the entire process warm, kind and informative. I never felt rushed or less important than the next patient. I will gladly recommend this practice to anyone!

Fantastic staff-very professional and exceeded my expectations. Very outstanding professional doctor. He met all my requirements and is there, available when needed at any time. You have professionally met all expectations. Thank you.

In all I was very happy with the outcome. I’ve waited almost 12 years for this day, and am happy with the choice I made coming to see Dr.Dee. Both Dr. Dee and the staff made me feel comfortable and secure of my life changing decision. I will definitely be recommending your services.

I was very please and satisfied with everything, all the staff etc. Wouldn’t change any of it. Thanks for everything.
Everything about my experience was very good. I’m pleased with the outcome of the surgery. I’ve been treated with respect and concern every step of the way and will recommend Dr. Dee to others.
Thank you for taking excellent care of me.

Dr. did an amazing job. My expectations were exceeded as far as my surgery went and manners of the Dr. My consultation as very informative and professional.

Dr. Chattar-Cora, his clinical and surgical team provided stellar care both pre and post op. Throughout my experience, Dr. Chattar-Cora has been attentive, readily available, and has demonstrated his knowledge and professionalism, and has focused on my desired results and health.

I highly recommend Dr. Chattar-Cora to my peers and those in the community seek plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The experience was amazing! I was treated with care. My expectations were met. Exactly what I wanted.

Dr. Chattar-Cora did a great job on my body. I did not feel good about myself, had really low self-esteem; but after talking to the doc, I knew I was in good hands. I am so satisfied with the results. The staff is really kind, and had an answer for all my questions.

Dr. Chattar-Cora exceeded my expectations. Dr. Chattar- Cora was very thorough in explaining the details of the surgical procedure. I felt comfortable and relaxed during my consultation. All the staff who attended me on the day of the surgery were polite and professional, I felt at home. I’m very satisfied with my breast augmentation and have referred multiple friends to Dr. Chattar- Cora. Thank you!

The office staff was very professional and was encouraging throughout my entire experience. I was impressed by Dr. Chattar-Cora’s knowledge and willingness to achieve my surgical goals. He was concerned about my recovery by calling the day after surgery and his follow up was the best. Overall I would highly recommend Dr. Chattar-Cora.

From start to finish Dr. Chattar-Cora and his staff are very friendly and helpful. You are treated with the utmost importance from the start.

Dr. Chattar-Cora is very patient and kind throughout the process and always makes himself available regardless of day or time. He ensures he takes care of any questions or concerns and his passion for what he does is obvious. You are never pressured and are provided the time and attention to ensure the decision is the right choice for you. He and the staff value your privacy and provide great communication each step of the way. He always makes sure you’re comfortable and have very little pain after surgery.

Overall I was very happy with the care and compassion he and his staff provided.

The staff is very friendly and helpful. You are never made to feel as “just a patient,” but rather as a person with a name. They take time to listen to your needs and are very accommodating.

Dr. Chattar-Cora has great bedside manners, takes time to explain procedures from start to finish. He answers all your questions and doesn’t rush through any explanations. He always makes sure you’re comfortable and have very little pain after surgery.

Overall I was treated with exceptional care and kindness. Keep up the good work.

During my visit to Dr. Chattar-Corra’s office, the staff was very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Chattar-Corra has such a calming and caring bedside manner. He continuously made sure I was comfortable before, during, and after my procedure. All my questions were answered and I was assured to call anytime for any other questions or concerns. My surgery results were exactly as Dr. Chattar-Cora stated. Dr. Chattar-Cora followed up with me post-procedure to ensure all was well. Prior to my procedure, I exercised and ate right, but I was unable to get rid of that stubborn weight. I am very please with my results. This procedure has made me feel more confident in what I wear, and has given me confidence in my overall attitude as well. Thank you Dr. Chattar-Cora and staff for the positive experience.

Mi experiencia con Dr. Deowall Chattar-Cora ha sido excelente. estoy muy contenta y satisfecha con los resultados. El Dr. Deowall es muy profesional y amable. Despues de mi cirugia el doctor estuvo muy pendiente de mi.

El resultado de mi operacion ha sido mucho mjejor de lo que esperaba.

El staff es muy amable y amigable te hacen sentir como en familia.

Yo altamente recomiendo al doctor por que explica todo el proedimiento y me dio mucha confianza. Muchas gracias! Dr. Deowall y su staff. Todo esta excelente!!!!

Muchas gracias por todo.

-N dLG
I was very happy with the staff at the front desk they are very kind… the day before surgery you get a nice call. The doctor is so sweet I have never met a doctor like Dr. Chattar-Cora who is caring not only about you but by your family. I will be recommending him to everyone that needs work done. Don’t change at all y’all are doing a wonderful job.

The experience here was wonderful. Dr. Chattar-Cora is very approachable and answers all questions thoroughly. Staff was very gracious and willing to go the extra mile to make appointments convenient. Overall I was treated very well by all the staff as well as by Dr. Chattar-Cora. My expectations were far exceeded. I will bring any future work back to this office. Everything was great.

Word of mouth is what brought me to Dr. Chattar-Cora’s office. I had conversations with two of his past patients that by coincidence had the same procedure done that I was interested in. They both spoke highly of him and were very pleased with the outcome of their procedures. I got to see firsthand their appearance before and after the procedure. They looked fabulous.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Chattar-Cora and was convinced he had the experience and skills to put my vision of what I’d like my waist line and backside to look like. First and foremost he is confident in his abilities, and his background and medical degrees back that up. He is extremely nice, down to earth and made me feel very comfortable about the whole process. I’m ecstatic about the results. He certainly delivered the results that I wanted. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to have a procedure done. The icing on the cake was that we share the same nationality; I knew I could not go wrong.

Thanks Dr. Chattar-Cora.

I saw Dr. Chattar-Cora at Elite Plastic Surgery for some Botox for my unwanted forehead wrinkles and crows feet and Juvederm for lip enhancement…The results are absolutely marvelous!!! I love the way I look. My lips are full and beautiful, natural looking, very kissable, not “duck lips”. I feel good about myself when I look in the mirror.I look rested, and not over-worked. As a nurse, I always want to look my best. Dr. Chattar-Cora and his staff at Elite Plastic Surgery delivered my results without waiting around, long discussions or contemplation. I knew what I wanted and I got it. Dr. Chattar-Cora and his staff are outstanding and very professional. I will be back. Thank You Very Much…


My experience with the Elite Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery team was excellent. I was able to change my goals to realistic ones with the help of Dr. Chattar-Cora. He listens carefully, explains fully, and follows through with care and skill. The subtle changes in my face change my general appearance from one of tiredness or anger when I was just in repose, to a softer happier look. The staff in the office rock. I am so pleased with the results and recommend Dr. Chattar-Cora without reservations. I will continue going to him for help keeping the tired look of aging at bay!
“I want to share my experience with everyone. I love my new look and I would love to invite everyone to come and check it out. It really has been live changing. Dr. Chattar-Cora did a remarkable job. I am so happy with my Brazilian butt lift. It looks great and I will return…”

“It has been a very good experience with Dr. Chattar-Cora and my surgical procedure. Nor could I forget the office staff; the ladies were very pleasant, attentive, and hospitable… Thank you to the Dr. and the staff for providing the best of services… they are just wonderful people.”

I would like to thank Dr Chattar-Cora for the amazing job on my breast reduction. I am a small framed women and have always thought of doing this because I felt my breast were too large for body frame. I will say that when I first say them, I was a taken aback by the small size, but after the first month, well; I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would also like to thank the staff for making me feel so welcomed every time and the care that Dr. Dee gave throughout the entire process. They really care for you and your well being.

After a hard-won battle of the bulge and losing over 100 lbs., and being over 50 yrs. old: I knew that my skin was never going to “snap-back” into place no matter how expensive a miracle cream would “guarantee.” Prior to meeting Dr. Chattar-Cora, I had two procedures done with a different doctor on my arms and abdomen. I was left with ugly scars and shape irregularities. Hence, I stopped any further progress on my self-improvement… which was my face.

I felt I could live with “less than” on extremities, but my face? No.

So, I “lived with” the baggy skin under my eyes and neck still looking heavy with a double-chin even though I had worked so hard on my health and body. It was demoralizing, but I was afraid of shabby work.

I am willing to have enhancements done, but not to look as if someone “worked” on me. I wanted something sweet, natural, and, yes, beautiful. I wanted to still look like me after the surgery… only younger.

With the results on my body from the other doctor, I was not ready to put my face on the table and take a gamble on the outcome. Then, my mother suffered a hideous, deforming head trauma that left us all thinking she was going to be facially warped and malformed forever. But, based on the work that Dr. Chattar-Cora performed on my mother, I found hope.

My mother’s reconstruction is miraculous. To this day, no-one can tell the extent of the damage my mother suffered in the accident. After that initial procedure my mother decided to have an additional procedure with Dr. Chattar-Cora to rejuvenate her facial appearance. Both her results gave me courage and confidence to undergo treatment to turn my dreams into a reality.

In both cases, you cannot tell any “work” has been done. It is a kiss of nature, youth, and beauty restored seamlessly, or nearly so. Even on the day of my surgery, I came out looking decades younger even with swelling.

My mother is not just restored, she is rejuvenated. She was physically and spiritually devastated by the accident, but Dr. Chattar-Cora’s expertise gave her back what she thought was lost forever. As for me, I am so pleased with my own outcomes. Granted, my face was not deformed – there were just physical characteristics I wanted changed. I have no regrets, no settling, and no buyer’s remorse: I am more than satisfied with how I look – I am gratified and happier knowing that I am only going to look better as time goes on.

My own recovery has progressed swiftly and without complaint. Dr. Chattar-Cora has displayed compassion, concern, and remained in contact with me consistently. I elected to have my procedures at SW General Hospital and was reassured of my decision as the team of professionals introduced themselves prior to the procedure. Each one was warm, reassuring, and made sure I was well-informed prior to the procedure. Their clarity and compassion boosted my confidence.

Dr. Chattar-Cora’s office staff are cordial, informative, and intelligent in their responses; especially about financing the procedures and recovery issues. There is both follow-through and follow-up on telephone calls. You can work with email if you prefer as they accommodate your needs and preferences. His staff are diligent to keep in touch before, during, and after surgery. You never leave with the impression you are another “job” that walked in the door.

Self-improvement is about giving yourself something real and lasting; giving yourself a true gift that time or circumstance takes from us. I have no remorse or regret about my new scars: they are prettier than the sagging skin and previous scars. I know I’m not 20 or 30 anymore; I don’t want to be 20 or 30 again. I love being 50ish, but I don’t feel “old” inside, and now? I don’t look “old” on the outside.

I highly recommend Dr. Chattar-Cora to you. He is conscientious and considerate. He listens to what you want and is extremely thoughtful and attentive during the recovery. He doesn’t cut and run. He sticks around and makes sure you heal right. Yes, I wished I’d known about him my first go-round, but what matters most, is that I found the right doctor for my face just in the nick of time. Don’t be afraid to be and look like you as you desire. It is your life, live it the way you see fit.


Hello Dr. Chattar,

I wanted to thank you for everything. I am very happy with my results. I have had very little pain on my second procedure and I couldn’t be happier with the way my upper and lower abdomen turned out. Thank you for everything I appreciate your time and all your hard work. You have made this a great experience for me and I appreciate it.

Thank You

My first experience with Doctor “D”…I was very frightened but he was very kind, clearly explained everything in layman terms and assuaged all my fears. I had the comfort of being confident that I was in good hands. After release from the hospital I had some concerns and Doctor “D” personally returned my calls and saw me the next day. He is an amazing man with no crazy ego to deal with- the best bedside manner with a great and caring staff. I was blessed to have him as a surgeon and have made a full recovery.

I was pleased with my surgical experience. Especially given the fact that I was awake during the surgery and was able to give my input on my liposuctions was great. There was no downtime during the recovery, too. I did not need to take any pain meds after surgery. I went shopping the next day and took a tango lesson few days after surgery. I am so happy to see myself in the mirror. Thank you, Dr. Chattar-Cora for great work on me.

I scheduled my breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Chattar-Cora after consulting several plastic surgeons in the area. During the consultation, Dr. Dee proved to be the right surgeon for my procedure. He was genuinely attentive to my appearance goals and took the time to thoroughly discuss and answer all my questions regarding the procedure. My overall experience with Dr. Dee and the staff was outstanding .

Dr. Dee definitely exceeded my expectations by giving me a beautiful natural result that has made all the difference in the way I feel about my body. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my procedure, and with my decision to have Dr. Dee as my surgeon that I will gladly, and without hesitation, recommend him to anyone considering plastic surgery.

I had wanted to have a tummy tuck for several years after having three children. Somehow, it seemed that no amount of exercise and dieting would take away my saggy excess skin. I finally got the nerve to set-up a consultation with Dr. Chattar Cora. During the consultation, Dr. Chattar Cora listened to my concerns, he explained the procedure, introduced the option, and ensured I understood the limitations of the procedures and the recovery. I left his office feeling very knowledgeable about the procedure and I had a clear and realistic idea of what the outcome would be. Dr. Chattar Cora reassured me that should I have any further questions I should not hesitate to call his office. I went back home to talk it over with my husband and we decided to proceed with the surgery. I chose Dr. Chatter Cora to do my surgery because of his knowledge, skill and personality.

On the day of my surgery I was nervous and scared. Dr. Chattar Cora was there to greet me and put my fears to rest. I was quickly taken to the OR after all of my questions were answered and fears quelled by the awesome staff. All the nurses were very nice and comforting. I stayed just a little while in the post operative area, then got to go home! Afterward it really was not bad at all. I took my medication on time and walked like I was supposed to. When I would go for my post-op visits, they took me right back without a wait. They were so patient with me as well. Dr. Chattar Cora would always say how great I was doing and answer any questions and provide constant encouragement to keep on following his instructions.

Dr. Chattar Cora is the best! I would not hesitate to go back for something else if I chose to do It. Any questions or concerns I had prior to or after the surgery were always welcomed and answered with the highest quality. The treatment and care I received was phenomenal! Everything he promised, he delivered. Dr. Chatter-Cora is kind, patient, meticulous, and very professional. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose Dr. Chattar Cora and his staff!
Once again, I love it! I love the way I feel about myself now. I can wear clothes that I would have never put on before! It was the best thing I have done for ME!

Thanks for the great results!

August 8, 2013,

To any future patients I am satisfied with the results of my blepharoplasty. I had my eye lids operated on because the excess skin lead to the frequent questioning by people asking “why do you looked tired?” Towards the end of the day however I did feel a sense of heaviness that partially obstructed my vision.

After consulting with Dr. Dee I felt at ease with his bedside manner; he was patient, caring, answered all of my questions and, he put me at ease. I made the decision to repair my eyelids and had minimal amount of down time; I only needed two days off from work. After the procedure I did not have much swelling or bruising and I did not have any pain or problems with my vision. The only regret I have was not having the procedure done sooner and recommend Dr. Chattar-Cora for any of your surgical procedures without any reservations. I now look rejuvenated and my vision is improved.

Dr. Dee, thank you for your skill and the work done for me, and your genuine bedside manner is second to none.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Dee is a great cosmetic surgeon. Great aftercare. Personable…Thank you.

* Results may vary from person to person


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