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Breast Implant Removal (Post-Operative)

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Diet: please avoid salty foods since it can make swelling worse

Activity: to help prevent blood clots in the legs please start getting out of bed. No contact activities to the areas of surgery. You are allowed to leave the house for normal activities.

Medications: If you are not allergic to Tylenol, take 650 mg every four hours as needed for pain
If you have stronger pain please use the prescribed pain medication as needed for pain. If you do take the prescribed pain medication please do not drive or operate machinery that may harm anyone.
Please do not take advil, ibuprofen, or other non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications (they may cause bleeding or bruising)
If you are given antibiotics please take them as prescribed
Resume your previous medications unless otherwise instructed

Showering: May shower and get wet starting the day after surgery. When showering please test water using a body part that has not been operated on to ensure that the temperature is not hot or cold; using the part that was operated on to test the water may not be accurate since during your procedure local anesthesia was given so the operated body area may not have normal sensation. Soap and water may fall on the wounds.  Do not scrub the wounds.  No tub bath.

Dressing changes: Twenty-four hours after surgery you may remove the dressings.  You can replace gauze as needed, but be careful that the gauze does not rub up against the nipples or the incisions.  Replace the ace wrap to cover up the breast, it should be snug to make you comfortable.  If you wish you may use a sports bra that is comfortable but not tight.  It should be kept on except to shower.

Drains: if you have drains, using a paper moistened with water, strip the tubing away from your body (the goal is to prevent clots from blocking the drains). While you are awake, do this every four hours and record the output for each day. Bring this log of output to the clinic appointment.

Follow up: please call 210-265-1924 for follow up appointment next week.

If you have any questions or concerns please call Dr. Chattar-Cora at 210-265-1924.

Breast Implant Removal (Post-Operative)

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