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Hand Fractures: Closed Reduction And Percutaneous Fixation (Post-Operative)

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Diet: please avoid salty foods since it can make swelling worse

Showering: Until sensation returns to normal in the operated hand please do not grasp things that may be hot or frozen, otherwise you may cause damage to your skin and not recognize it.

The day after the procedure, to shower, you may remove the dressing and splint (as you remove it please pay attention how the splint fits, since you will need to place it back on in that same fashion. A good way of remembering how it fits is to take photographs of the splint while it is on.  Do not get the splint wet.).  You can shower and get the wound wet, but no scrubbing. You may reapply a dry gauze as needed. Replace the splint as you saw it before removing it.

Activity: Within the splint you are encouraged to begin to move the hand immediately after the procedure. This will prevent stiffness and scar formation between the tendon and the surrounding structures. Your goal is be to make a complete fist at least 20 times every half-hour while you are awake. The more you move the hand, the less swelling and pain you will have.

Avoid lifting up anything heavy with the operated hand since that hand will be very tender for some time.

Medications: If your hand swells up, throbs, or you have pain, please elevate it above your elbow.
For pain please start with Tylenol 650 mg (if you are not allergic to it) as needed every four hours.  If you need anything stronger please use the prescription Dr. Chattar-Cora has given you.  If you do take the prescribed medication please do not drive or operate any machinery that may harm anyone. Take the prescribed antibiotics as directed.
Resume any medications that you were taking before the operation as previously taken

Pin care: if pins were used to fix your fracture and they protrude out of the skin, you will need to clean the pins and the skin surrounding the pins. To do this use one ounce clean water, and one ounce hydrogen peroxide. Dip a qtip in this solution and push down on the skin surrounding the wire and clean the skin around the pin as well. Please clean the pin(s) and the surrounding skin two-three times a day.


Follow-up with Dr. Chattar Cora within one to two weeks. Please call 210-265-1924 for an appointment that is convenient for you.

Hand Fractures: Closed Reduction And Percutaneous Fixation (Post-Operative)

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