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Plastic Surgery – Can it increase your confidence?

As a society, people often have a superficial image of people who opt to have plastic surgery. But the image that people have is wrong. There are many reasons an individual decides to have plastic surgery, but for the majority of the time, it’s so they can look and feel normal.

There are many reasons that people opt to have plastic surgery in San Antonio. Here are the two most common:

  • Correcting physical impairments, such as a crooked nose.
  • Improving parts of the body that cause distress, whether this is slack skin or sagging breasts.

When plastic surgery is completed for these reasons, there is a direct correlation between engaging in the surgery and overall happiness. According to a recent study, after cosmetic plastic surgery procedures people feel healthier and experience less anxiety. The study showed that when the body part in question was causing distress, after surgery there was a significant decrease in patients who were taking anti-depressants.

People also report that after plastic surgery they feel better about their appearance. They feel more attractive and more sexual. Because of this increase in self-confidence, people experience less anxiety and feel they feel better in social settings.

Plastic surgery has also been known to help people feel younger. Those that feel younger tend to stay more active and many even wait longer to retire.

For more information about plastic surgery, please visit plasticsurgery.org. Or you can set up a consultation with San Antonio Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Deowall Chattar

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