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Questions You Should Ask Your Surgeon

1) Are you Board Certified?

A Board Certified aesthetic plastic surgeon is one that has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This qualification signifies that the doctor has received extensive specialized training.

2) Where will my surgery be performed?

Some aesthetic plastic surgery procedures are performed in a hospital setting. Others are performed in an outpatient surgical center. Some, particularly non-surgical treatments, can be performed directly in the doctor’s office. The complexity of your procedure, as well as your health level, should be considered when making this decision.

3) How many procedures have you performed similar to the treatment I am seeking?

Most aesthetic plastic surgeons specialize in one procedure or a few related procedures. Does the surgeon you are considering specialize in the procedure that you want to undergo? This question allows you to gauge their expertise performing the type of surgery you want.

4) Does your office offer financing?

If cost is a concern for you, be sure to ask about payment options. Many doctors’ offices offer financing plans or incentives for paying upfront. Also about about the surgeon’s willingness to work with health insurance, if there is a chance that your procedure may be covered by insurance.

5) What other medical staff will be involved in my procedure? Will I get the chance to meet them before surgery?

It is important to know who else will be assisting with the procedure, and what their qualifications and experience level are. Who will be administering anesthesia? Who will monitor your vital signs during surgery? If there is a complication, is there emergency assistance available? Will there be any medical students or interns watching the procedure or directly involved in your care?

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